Offices of Student Services

The staff of the Offices of Academic Services, Student Affairs, Admissions and Records, International Services, and Financial Services are available to offer individual attention and support to the students.

Functions of the offices include academic advising, academic support, student records, approval for leaves of absence, off-campus permissions, student activities, community relations, health and safety, and international student services, among others.

Guidance and Counseling Program

The Office of Academic Services designates a qualified staff member as the guidance counselor for each student upon arrival. Students and their guidance counselors meet regularly to check in on the students’ overall status and progress at Fei Tian. Students are encouraged to consult their guidance counselors on academic affairs. The guidance program additionally provides counseling to help students understand various professional and postsecondry options and prepare them for the paths of their choosing.

Remedial and Tutoring Services

Upon acceptance to the school, all students who speak a language other than English at home will be given a comprehensive assessment to determine whether remedial services are needed.

Students who are found to need English as a Second Language (ESL) support are offered remedial courses that focus on developing reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, as well as vocabulary. The aim is to bring each student to the desired academic level as quickly as possible so they may succeed in their regular courses.

Individual tutoring by teachers and staff is also available at the request of students or by referral from teachers.