Advanced Level

The Advanced level of dance instruction seeks to improve students’ artistic sensibility and general knowledge of dance, as well as their artistic expression. At the same time, this level will further refine students’ advanced dance skills and techniques through comprehensive training with an emphasis on the speed and quality of these movements as well as the accuracy of integrated movements.

Students who successfully complete the Advanced level will not only possess superb skills and techniques in dance, but will also have mastered the ability to convey the goodness and beauty of classical Chinese dance. At this stage, some will have developed into truly outstanding performing artists.

Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance V, VI

These courses incorporate extensive training in challenging tumbling techniques, such as large leaps, turns, and flips, with complex dance movement sequences. Ultimately, students should be able to perform advanced dance combinations with grace and ease.

Shen Yun (身韻) V, VI

In these courses, students will further cultivate their artistry through study and exploration of choreographed dance combinations. Students are expected to improve their artistic expression and integrate shen yun (i.e. body articulation) into complex dance combinations. They will also be evaluated on various detailed components of their performance, such as hand gestures, facial expressions, forms, and movements.

Chinese Folk and Ethnic Dances V, VI

These courses further enrich students’ understanding of Chinese culture through in-depth movement studies and performance of choreographed works. They are designed to help students move from the dance classroom to the stage. Upon completion, students should be able to perform complex ethnic and folk dance combinations with relative ease whilst preserving the distinctive style and embodying the inner spirit of each unique folk and ethnic dance.